Perhaps it is because my wife and I are restless that over the past twenty years, we have bought and or sold six or seven houses at a minimum. In doing so we dealt with many different agents, both representing us and others.I’ve never seen any of them come close to David Elston. Is he good at what he does? Of course he is. He’s excellent, in fact, but others are too. But, the thing that makes him better, way out ahead of the others I’ve encountered, is his perfect storm of competence, work ethic, pride in what he does, and his low key, informed, common sense way of thinking about things, which has been in my experience one hundred percent on the money every time. He always has time to listen and he always has a well thought out response to one’s concerns. He’s never about ego, because he knows who he is. What he is about is getting the job done, no matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes. Our last encounter was one of great complexity, with many twists and turns, ups and downs, over an extended period of time. Yet he never flagged and always made one feel there was reason to hope all would end well. Which, indeed it did.

Ira Wohl & Jan Hatcher (Benecia - Westwood)

Within a brief month and a half period, David and Terri Elston brilliantly represented us (i) first, in helping us find and purchase a condominium which we love and which suits us to a tee and (ii) second, in helping us sell our home of 42 years for all cash with a short escrow which closed by a year-end due date.  In each transaction, they provided excellent guidance, superb negotiation skills and an in depth knowledge of both the purchase and the sale process.  David and Terri were a delight to work with and we would recommend them highly.

Woody and Shari Godbold (Club Dr - Cheviot Hills)

My husband and I have worked with Terri and David Elston over the course of the last year in the purchase of our new home.  We selected Terri and David because of their expertise in the location in which we wanted to buy.  The two are an excellent partnership and were integral in our home purchase.  They have an incredibly extensive knowledge of West Los Angeles.  Terri worked tirelessly to find the right property for us.  She previewed houses, continuously kept us apprised of good listings and walked us through houses in which we were interested.  Once we finally selected a house, David handled the paperwork and negotiation seamlessly.  He skillfully negotiated our Purchase Agreement, and his innovation and diligence ensured we got the best price for our new home.  Throughout the process, we felt the Elstons had our best interests in mind.

Jeannie and Cary Tang (Draper Ave - Cheviot Hills)

I recently sold my home in West Los Angeles and was represented by David and Terri Elston.  My situation demanded flexibility and creative solutions to my particular needs, and from our initial meeting, the Elstons were invaluable in advising me on the right moves to make, and when to make them.  David and Terri were professional and effective advocates for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  In fact, before my house was even listed I already had offers for more than I hoped to list the house at.  I know that David and Terri will provide me with the same excellent service for my next home purchase.

Jason Garcia (Greenfield Ave - Rancho Park)

We are so pleased to write about the extraordinary experience we had selling two houses with the Elstons.  It all began when we decided to sell our house and our daughter/son-in-law’s house in the same month.   There are many excellent agents in our area and after interviewing them the Elston’s were the clear choice for us.  They spent a considerable amount of time explaining the process to us, and how they could make it easier for us. They made us feel like they cared about us and about our goals.  We put our house on the market on a Sunday and it sold two days later.  We put our other house on the market the following Sunday and it also sold within that week. The Elston’s are an amazing team.  They know what it takes to sale a home and we followed all of their recommendations to the letter.  Terri is magical at open houses and has a special intuition about future buyers.  David was particularly helpful with all of the financial aspects of the sales.  Each sale had its own set of complications that David walked us through and solved. By the end of both of the sales, we were in awe of this couple and what they had accomplished in a short period of time.  We have enjoyed telling everyone about the gratitude we feel toward this wonderful couple.  They are experts with a heart.

Greg and Shelley Metten (Ayres Ave - Rancho Park)